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Silica Gel Packets

Silica gels, which are actually quite solid and not gel like in texture, are made from sodium silicate. It is made synthetically to be an exceptionally porous and granular form of silica. Although silica is a naturally occurring substance, by extensive processing and chemical modification, its physical characteristics can be modified and applied to a large variety of uses. Continue reading

Desiccant Types

Desiccant substances are often contained in desiccant packs which are used to decrease humidity for a variety of applications. A desiccant is able to attract water from its immediate environment, thereby maintaining a state of dryness within a contained space. There are two chemical drying processes describing desiccant action: absorption and adsorption. Continue reading

Desiccant Packs FAQ

  • Is Silica Gel Poisonous?
    Silica Gel is non-toxic, however some types of Indicating Silica Gel may contain Cobalt Chloride which is toxic and is classified as a carcinogen.
  • Are Desiccant Packs re-usable?
    Most Desiccant Packs can be reused if taken care of properly. When a packet feels like its twice it’s weight it’s time to recharge it. Turn your oven to a low temperature and do not bother preheating. Lay each packet on a clean flat baking pan. Let the silica packs heat up for 15 minutes. Allow them to cool and they should be ready for reuse. You could also set the desiccant packs outside in hot direct sunlight for 24 hours and get the same result.
  • How much Desiccant do I need?
    It depends on a lot of factors, including volume of air space, the material to be desiccated, the type of desiccant, atmospheric conditions where the item is sealed, length of time required for protection etc.
  • What type of Desiccant do I need?
    You can refer to Desiccant Types article to determine which Desiccant is more eligible for your needs.